A little about me

and why I love real estate

Serving others has always been my passion!  My personal motto is this:  In order to be served you must know how to serve.

from Kentucky, I have also resided in the states of Indiana and
Colorado and have met some interesting folks along the way.  Although I
have enjoyed my time in other regions of the country, my southern roots
and love of "southern hospitality" brought me back this way and led me
to Charlotte.   I've lived in Charlotte for a little over 3 years  and
the growth currently underway has given me the desire to take part in it
by being of service to those who are looking to build a legacy.

I have worked in Financial Services for over 20 years with a history that
includes working with home builders and mortgage financing as well as
investments and retirement accounts.  I have a keen understanding of the
importance of building family legacy by way of making important
financial decisions.   I would love to be of service to you.  Please
contact me today so that we can connect.