Nearly Half of Americans Dissatisfied With Their Homes Since COVID-19 Hit

In the midst of the pandemic, people are staying home more than ever—and, for many, all that time at home has made them realize that they’re not exactly thrilled with their dwellings.

According to a recent survey from Sears Home Services, 44 percent of respondents said they were feeling less satisfied with their homes since the beginning of the pandemic.

One of the key factors making people feel less satisfied in their homes? Space—or lack thereof. According to the survey, people who live in homes that are 1000 square feet or smaller are less satisfied than people who live in homes that are larger than 1000 square feet (48 percent vs. 40 percent).

The Takeaway:

So, what does this mean for you? There are a ton of people in the US that aren’t happy with their living space, and a lot of those people are hitting the market in search of something better—making now a great time to sell. So, if you’ve been thinking about listing your home? Now is a great time to make a move!